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Multiple IP Addres (None of them Bold)

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Kevin Yee
Hi, On my company laptop, I'm trying to interface synergy as the server (share the computer's mouse and keyboard). However, I'm given a list of IP addresses and none of them are bold. As a result, I'm not sure what to put as the Server IP on the client. I'm having trouble connecting the two laptops. Thanks for the help!
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Ben Koenig
Hello! So the server laptop is listing multiple IP addresses in the Synergy interface, not the OS itself? Others here on the forum can provide better insight if we know which Operating System you use. Having wifi on and a cable plugged in will give you 2 different IP addresses sometimes. You might want to be careful about having Wifi on if you don't intend to be using it while connecting to Synergy. If wifi is not on then something else is going on and we should look elsewhere. Let me know if - You are connected to a wireless network. - Which Operating Systems you have on your client and server We can go from there and hopefully solve this quickly!
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