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Some keys are not working when using synergy in macos and windows


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Hi, I met a problem. When I run synergy in two devices, Macbookpro and suiface, where the MBP is the server, there are some keys are not working when typing in surface, but it can work well in MBP. Those keys are part of symbolic keys, such as %,(,), etc. When I connect the keyboard to the surface, all work well. So what should I do? Thank you.

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7 hours ago, Paul Suarez said:

Hi @Yiming. Do you mean that when you connect an external keyboard on your Surface, it works on it while you're typing it from your Mac?

Hi, @Paul Suarez. Thanks for your reply. As you mean, when I connect my external keyboard to my surface (client),  all will be best. And today I test it again ( synergy has been configured in both server and client)

Step1. Connect my external keyboard to my Macbookpro(as the server).

Step2. Switch from MBP to Surface.

Step3. Typing in *.txt, the symbols *  &   _   +   [   ]   /   ?   `   |   ,   .   *   $  %  cannot be used. 

Step4. Switch back to MBP and input those symbols again, all are best.

Step5. Find another windows PC as a client, the trouble comes again.

Step6. Restart my MBP, Surface and windows PC. Run synergy.

Step7. Typing again. It is strange that above trouble disappears.

Step8. Typing again half one hour later, the trouble comes again.


There are two things worthing to be mentioned:

1. Synergy always show the information WARNING: cursor may not be visible when switching MBP to Surface. I don't know what it means.

2. There is no above problem when server and client are windows devices.  For instance, I configured surface as the server and anther windows PC as the client. All work well. 

So what's your suggestion?

Thank you very much!



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