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Windows Key Stuck/Sticking after unlocking windows desktop

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For a long time now every time I've unlocked my windows desktop after locking it using win+L, the win key has remained stuck and as I start to type it fires off all kinds of unexpected win+? combinations.  The solution has always been to remember to tap the Win key once to unstick the key.

While I was figuring out how to report the issue on this forum I came up with a solution to solve the problem at least until a fix is possibly added to synergy.

Step 1:

I wrote a simple program using AutoIt that presses the Win key once:

Sleep (2)

Step 2:

I created a task using the windows task scheduler.
In the triggers tab I chose "on workstation unlock"
in the actions tab I chose the program I created using AutoIt

Press Win Key.au3

Press Win Key.exe

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