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WASD Keys not working in Smite when using Synergy

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Alex Coull
I have read something about this before but after searching the forum I couldn't find anything. Does anyone have a fix for the movement keys in Hirez Smite not working when Synergy is running and connected. If I disconnect from my other computer then all is well but this is frustrating. It seems to be just WASD that doesn't work. Running 1.7.2 Pro on both and both are Windows 7 Thanks,
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Ben Koenig
Hi, I thought about this a bit before posting, because anything that cause a select few keys (wasd in your case) to not function is very odd. If running Smite and Synergy at the same time causes those 4 keys to "disappear" then that could be considered a very serious bug in the input system. Whether that is the input system of Synergy, or Smite is TBD. Testing Synergy in similar situations, in this case other 3d games would give the devs here a much better idea of whether not this is something they have control over. I would not be surprised if this is an issue with the way Smite wants to provide access to W, A, S, and D. So does this happen in other games? And is Smite running on the client or server? I don't have Smite but I do want to verify in other 3d games. I do have a lot of 3d games. :ugeek: -Ben
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