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Synergy 1.7.2 not working Windows 7 & Windows XP

Rolando A. Coutte

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Rolando A. Coutte
I install the new version on my 2 computers: 1. Windows 7 is the Server; and 2. Windows XP Professional is on the Client computer. After a while I did UNISTALL the software on both computers and RE-INSTALL the new version of 1.7.2 With the same results. Below is a detail of the message I'm receiving Please HELP ME!!!! Here are the details of what I’m receiving on the Client computer: INFO: Starting new process INFO: ignoring –enable-drag-drop, not supported below vista. NOTE: started client NOTE: connecting to ’’:’: 24800 INFO: watchdog status: ok WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out NOTE: connecting to ’’:’: 24800 WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out The last 2 lines repeat themselves over and over and over. Please help me this is making me crazy. Thank you,
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