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"Shift" not functioning in Parallels

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Lawrence Williams

I control my Mac from my Windows 10 keyboard. Everything works fine UNTIL I launch a Parallels guest. Then SHIFT stops working, only inside of Parallels. Elsewhere on the Mac, no issues.


Anyone else seen this?

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Big Buckey


I am experiencing the same issue as above (Windows server, Mac client, Parallels VM, and shift/alt/ctrl/Windows key don't work in the VM). I'm looking for a workaround or a solution. Unfortunately I have a keyboard plugged into the Mac for when I need to type a special character. Bummer.

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Although you can get around this issue by using Caps-Lock, it only helps typing uppercase letters. you will still not be able to type @#$%^&*()_+ etc.

Result is that you cannot easily type in an email address...

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Yes I can confirm that this is the case on 1.8.8 stable with Linux Server and Mac Client.. and Parallels on the Mac client! used to work around 1.8.4 i think.. 


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