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[Solved] Can't configure server on Win10 after 04-March-17

Manuel Salvador Belloso Es

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Manuel Salvador Belloso Es

Good afternoon!


I have a setup with 2 laptops and a desktop. Laptops are running Windows 10 Pro, Desktop is using Windows 8.1 Pro.


I bought and installed version 1.8.7 basic a week ago, using one of the laptops as server, and both the desktop and other laptop as clients. A few days ago I was offered the option to buy Pro version (with a discount :D ) and accepted. Updated my license info on all three machines only to see that the SSL encryption make my connection real slow. Disabled SSL and keep working. A couple of days ago connection between the computers started to become erratic. Mouse moved like 1/10th real speed, and keyboard reported one key press, skipped two, send one... I restarted all PC just to discover that Synergy won't function on the Windows 10 laptops. I installed version 1.8.8 today, with the same results. Server says that it has an 'invaild IPC message', then says 'watchdog status: error' and never starts waiting for connection.


I configured the other laptop as server, but I received the same results. Then I configured my Windows 8.1 desktop as server, and the laptops as clients and everithing works like a charm. Unfortunatedly, I need one of the laptops to be the server.


Anyone else having these problems? Someone knows what to do?


Thanks in advance!


Salvador Belloso.

(salvador dot belloso at horusstudio dot com)


Edit: After reading a few post in this thread I tried installing 32 bits version instead of 64 bits. Everything worked as it should be. The only update done to my system was the C++ 2008 Redist Package. I guess MS changed some interfase on their DLLs. If anyone knows something about this, keep us informed.

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