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Multiple Layout HELP

Alex Gardner

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Alex Gardner

Hi Guys,


I have been trying to make my own config for a complicated setup I have, I am almost there but i am struggling to finalise the last little bit. From the layout below i have PC "A" trying to cross over to PC "B", the main link i want to make is from "A" Master to "B" Master. However from what i can understand windows or synergy is reading the three screen layout as one large screen and thus creating a virtual 4th screen on the left side of the Master. To get from "A" to "B" i have to scroll all the way over to the left slave and then go down.


58e507860029d_synergyproperties.jpg.2c87177ce532b23434d020c2e37a3ab0.jpgScreen Layout.JPG[/attachment]


Is this possible or will I have to wait for v2.0 with the multiple screen layout option ?


Hope I'm making some sense.


Any help appreciated



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