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Windows 7/CentOS Screen Saver

Steve Kopman

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I have two issues with my Win7/CentOS setup. The Win7 machine is the server and the Linux machine is the client. When both machines go into the screen saver mode (locked due to company security policy), I can unlock the Win7 machine but if I try to go to the client it is disconnected. If I login to the client via its dedicated keyboard, Synergy doesn't connect. I have to kill it and then restart.


The second issue is if I accidentally put the mouse on the client screen while the Windows machine is locked (they don't sync screen savers for some reason, but that's another issue), I can't bring it back to the Windows side to unlock it. I have to kill Synergy on the client, login on Windows and then restart the client.


I am running v1.8.7 on both machines.

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