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SynPro 172 Server Not Registering W8/64

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Joseph Kleinmann
I am a registered user and yet whenever I try to open Synergy on my server it says "(unregistered) (not repsoning)" I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Synergy 1.7.2 by notification in both the program & from an email The program was working fine before the upgrade. Now I can't get it to work on my W8 PC (server). It shuts down, becomes ":non-responding" etc. The client PC (W XP) seems to working fine. I've restarted the PC, repaired the setup, removed the program, re-downloaded and re-installed the program several times with the same result. I checked the IP addressees on both server & client. Everything seems to be OK, but I"m getting the same result. Help Update, I tried to connect again at the end of today. The server is stable but the client PC keeps trying to connect but fails. The server PC still says (unregistered) The Client PC doesn't. I ran the setup wizard on the server again so that I could re-enter my email & password to reactivate the program. I received the following message "Error:failed to download 'ns' to:users/....?Plugins The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." What other processes would this be referring to? Does this make sense to anyone?
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Nick Bolton
[quote="Joseph Kleinmann"](unregistered) (not repsoning)[/quote] The "(unregistered)" problem can be solved by rerunning the wizard. Now lets solve the "(not repsoning)" problem. Does this happen every time you start the GUI? What log level are you using?
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