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Issues in Adobe Illustrator (1.71, Mac client, Win7 server)

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Scott G-D
I'm running into a couple issues with Synergy on my mac mini as a client, served from my Win7 laptop. As a designer, I spend most of my time in Adobe products, and Illustrator seems to not like having a remote keyboard or mouse. The biggest one: Illustrator won't recognize the space bar being held down on its own, which is how you both zoom in/out and move around documents. The spacebar works when you're using the Type tool, but not when you need to pan or zoom... which is pretty much all the time. This is a huge pain. :( And secondly, it appears that sometimes the Shift key gets "stuck", and I have to hit it a couple times for the Mac to realize that I'm no longer holding it down. Note that neither of these problems occur when using a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. Hopefully, there's fix to be had here?
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I'm afraid there is not a fix that I know of for this one. It's like you said, Adobe products seem to dislike remote input devices. Regarding sticky modifier keys, that is a battle we are constantly fighting. It is actually not just one bug, but a whole collection of them. It seems that when we fix it for one particular case, it breaks for two others. We're always looking for better ways to fix this.
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