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Multiple connection failures

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Mark Richter
Until recently, I was using version 1.6.2 without any trouble. After installing version 1.7.2, I cannot connect my machines. I have the server running on my Xubuntu 14.04 desktop and the client on my Win7 laptop. I get the following errors scrolling continuously through the client window: NOTE: connecting to the service... ERROR: ipc connection error, connection refused This show even when the "Start" button is highlighted, as in it hasn't started connecting yet? When I click "Start," I get the following errors: NOTE: starting client NOTE: command: "C:/Program Files/Synergy/synergyc.exe" --f --no-tray --debug DEBUG2 --nbame USITHULLRML1CW7 --ipc --stop-on-desk-switch --enable-drag-drop --enable crypto --profile-dir "C:\Users\hullrm\AppData\Local" NOTE: config file: C:/Users/hullrm/AppData/Local/Temp/qt_temp.sv6300 NOTE: log level DEBUG2 ERROR: ipc connection error, connection refused The IP address is correct. Here is what's in the configuration file: section: screens end section: aliases end section: links end section: options relativeMouseMoves = false screenSaverSync = true win32KeepForeground = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0 end Since I don't see any screens, I'm thinking this might be part of the problem, but I can't see how to change that. My server configuration file is unchanged since 1.6.2 and contains the following: section: screens USITRICHTMD1C: USITHULLRML1CW7: end section: links USITRICHTMD1C: right = USITHULLRML1CW7 USITHULLRML1CW7: left = USITRICHTMD1C end And the log file on the server shows this: ERROR: dup error: 2 Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Stefan Rank
I have a similar problem. After upgrading to 1.7.2 from 1.6.x, connections time out. When I try to set the correct IP address out of the ones available (and actually listed in the interface of the server), the server fails to start with " cannot bind address: The specified address is not available from the local machine". Edit: So when not setting anything in the interface box in Preferences on the server, the server starts but never receives any connections from the clients. The clients list the correct external IP address for the server in their "connecting - connection timed out" messages. When setting the correct IP address in the interface setting, one of the 6 IP addresses listed in the Synergy interface, the server fails to start with:: [code]FATAL: failed to start server: cannot bind address: The specified address is not available from the local machine DEBUG1: caught cancel on thread 0x00000d40[/code]
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