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Win10 Laptop + Ubuntu each with 2 External Displays Trouble

Derek Leuridan

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Derek Leuridan

Synergy has been giving me issues recently, but this one seems to have come from out of nowhere. Running server 1.8.5 on Win10 laptop with 2 external displays, and client on Ubuntu 16, also a laptop with 2 external displays.


I run these two laptops closed, and use only the external displays.


Today, I open up the laptop in order to temporarily use the laptop display, and synergy breaks.


Now, when I move from Win10, the mouse seems to go over, then quickly move up to the top right corner of the Ubuntu screen, then disappear. I can not use the mouse at all on Ubuntu, nor can I bring it back to the Windows machine.


[2016-11-14T16:49:03] INFO: watchdog status: ok

[2016-11-14T16:49:08] NOTE: accepted client connection

[2016-11-14T16:49:08] NOTE: client "dlinux" has connected

[2016-11-14T16:49:11] INFO: switch from "derekl" to "dlinux" at 3839,226

[2016-11-14T16:49:11] INFO: leaving screen

[2016-11-14T16:49:11] INFO: bitmap: 16x16 32

[2016-11-14T16:49:11] INFO: convert image from: depth=32 comp=3

[2016-11-14T16:49:11] INFO: bitmap: 16x16 32

[2016-11-14T16:49:11] INFO: convert image from: depth=32 comp=3


This is what I see in the log on the server before having to stop the client in order to get control back.

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