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Is there a way to specify protocol version?

Red Squirrel

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Is there a way to specify protocol version either server or client side, so that different versions can talk to each other?


I am trying to get Synergy to work with a regular system and two Raspberry Pis but the version I previously managed to install is too buggy and crashes all the time, and the latest version has too many dependencies and I just can't get it to install at all.


So what I want to do is just go with whatever version is in the repositories of each respective system so I don't have to deal with the dependencies, and also hopefully get a version that won't crash. Problem is the versions are different so it won't connect.


Any way to solve that? if it matters, host OS is Linux Mint 18 and the RPIs are Raspbian 8. The synergy version I get with the Mint 18 repo is 1.6.2 and the one on the PI is 1.7.6.


The only way to get the versions to match across systems is to install manually but then that involves dealing with dependency hell and I have been unsuccessful. There are simply too many and they all need to be very specific versions to boot. They ARE on the system but just not the version Synergy wants. If I start messing with that I might break other stuff on the system so I rather not even mess with it.



Another solution I thought of is to setup VNC sessions on either the host machine or another machine but use the same OS, and install the repository Synergy from there. That way I'll get the same version. I could then setup the PIs to automatically VNC into those sessions, the PI would essentially be a thin client. Would this actually work? I might try it regardless but wondering if anyone has already and how it went.

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