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1.8.4 not working Linux to Windows

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Jörn Bodemann

1.8.3 was working fine. Updated on Linux (archlinux) and Win10 to 1.8.4. Both start and find each other but mouse does not leave screen anymore (from master to client). Master is Linux. Windows runs in VM. Beside that Win10 version seems to be unstable and crashes from time to time. Tell me if you need more information.

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Martin Ibert

On my Linux server (Ubuntu 16.04), Synergy 1.8.4 does not even start properly when I give the "--enable-crypto" option on the command line. (I can tell if it is working even without clients because with it running, the cursor wraps around the edges while without it running, it obviously doesn't.) Only way to recover is a "kill -9" silver bullet.


It does work without "--enable-crypto" though.


To me it seems that the "more stable SSL" in 1.8.4 translates to it instantly hanging on startup. Which is, in a way, more stable than the occasional hang-up I am experiencing with older versions.

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