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Accents appearing above characters on client

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David Woods

I have a Surface Pro host using windows 10 and an iMac OS Sierra both on 1.8.4.

After the PC has woken from a sleep the client when typing will type characters with the accent above but when i bring the cursor back to the host, the host types normal. On a previous release the client used to type double characters but only on vowels. Am I missing a setting? Or can any help?

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Thomas Desodt

I have the same problem, with a synergy server on W10, and synergy client on W7.


Symptoms are the same: after waking from sleep, my server keyboard types normal vowels on the server, but accented vowels on the client. When using a physical keyboard plugged into the client, there are no accents, they only appear when usign the server keyboard on the client via synergy.


This is completely blocking, I have stopped/restarted synergy on both machines several times to no effect.


This is with synergy version 1.8.4-stable-a6ff907

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Alicia Higueruelo

Great software, it is just what I needed, but


I have the same problem, client gets all the vowels with a close accent, however it seems to come and go at random (I have not yet observed a pattern), it is quite nerving and make synergy in practice unusable as I use the terminal in Mac all the time


Server Windows 10 Pro, client Mac 10.11.6

synergy 1.8.5-stable-a18eba7 (build date 31OCT16)


Perhaps I need to configure something that I miss?

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I have this problem as well.

This might not work for everyone but I've found if i open a text editor - for me i use the gnome todo app then just hold control and type a vowel that would appear accented. 

Seems to go away.

Server: Windows 10 - HP OMEN 15, Client: Ubuntu 18.04.2 - Surface pro 4

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It's 2019 and this is still an issue. :(

The fix from Chris worked for me. Thank you!

My situation is a Win10 server and Ubuntu client.

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Luiz Guaraldo

This still happens:

Server: Windows 10 (build 1909)

Client: Windows 10 (build 1909)

Accents like ` (like À à È è Ì ì Ò ò Ù ù) and ^ (like  â Ê ê Î î Ô ô Û û) don't work at all, but ´ (like Á á É é Í í Ó ó Ú ú) and ~ (like ã à õ Õ) work well.

Both use PT_BR (ABNT2) keyboard layout.

Synergy version: 1.12.0

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I often have the problem that Synergy types random letters on the client screen. And not actually the same random letter, but if I press the same key 10 times I see 10 different letters. And then sometimes it works. I just tried to reproduce it to check if it's only in Skype or also in other apps - and at the moment it doesn't do it! But 10 minutes ago it did.

Server: Windows 10 Pro

Client: Windows 10 Pro

random letters produced by pressing the same key

Both use DE_DE keyboard layout.

Synergy version: 1.12.0

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