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macOS client loses ability to click, drops 1st character

Jayson Garrett

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Jayson Garrett

Hi all,


I'm using a macOS Sierra client, connected to a Windows 10 server.


Periodically, I have an issue where the mouse loses the ability to register clicks when on the macOS screen. I've discovered by process of elimination that I cannot click on the Mac until I move the mouse over to the Windows screen, click somewhere there (even just clicking on nothing), and return to the Mac screen. Then my ability to click on the Mac is restored, until it just goes away again for no apparent reason.


Also, I notice that occasionally, the Mac client is dropping the first character when I begin typing.


How can I begin to troubleshoot this, and is anyone else experiencing similar issues?



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Lyndsay Weitzel

Same setup, also losing click ability. Seems to only happen when the connection to the client isn't used for a while.


Not much else to add. A little difficult to troubleshoot because it takes time for the problem to happen.

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After a recent update, I too am having a periodic issue where all mouse clicks are lost on the client.


In this case both host and client are Windows 10/x64. The only fix is to reboot the server. None of the other workarounds in various threads get the mouse clicks to work again.


Mouse rollovers and scroll wheel still work. Keyboard works flawlessly. Just the clicks don't work.


Looking at the history here in the forum, this seems to be a longstanding bug. Please fix.

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