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What shortcut can be used to move between tabs in Terminal

Renan Ricci

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Renan Ricci
Hello there, I've been having this issue for a long time now, but never bothered to ask support or anyone if there's a way around it. My setup is very basic: iMac 10.9 (server) MacAir 10.9 (client) Synergy Pro version: 1.8.2 Issue: When I'm working with MacOSX Terminal I cannot switch tabs using the shortcut Command+Shift+ArrowKey(left or right) on the client side. The shortcut works fine on the Server and if I type it on the Client's keyboard. But if I use the Server's keyboard I cannot switch tabs on the client side, it prints this to the Terminal: ;2D Has anyone experienced this or have any idea how I can configure Synergy to make this work? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you very much! Renan
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