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2 issues, SSL and lock screen

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Matthew Swanson
Haven't used Synergy for about 6 months so I was disappointed that the SSL still isn't working :( Running the server on Windows 10 and the client on Ubuntu 16.04. Never even prompted me to accept, it just keeps failing. Issue #2 is that when I lock my machines and come back, I can't get the mouse or keyboard to work on the server machine. It is stuck on the client side and I have to stop Synergy to get it back to the server side, then plug in a mouse to the client to restart Synergy. Totally defeats the purpose of the software...
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Ben Wardwell

I am also having the same second issue.


When ever I lock the computer (which is forced by GPO) and I move the mouse to the other machines it gets stuck to the machine until I disable and re-enable

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