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ActionCam+X_Mouse_Button_Ctrl+Synergy+"go offscreen"=death

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Bradley Brecheisen
So, When you enable action-cam in a game, it "locks the cursor" in the middle of the screen, (it becomes a crosshair usually, and it "turns" your character by moving your mouse left or right.). X-Mouse-Button Control lets you map your mouse-keys. (Because Windows chooses to ignore key 4 and 5 unless you have a MS mouse. Razor and Logitech as well.) This runs as well, but doesn't seem to affect the issue whether or not it's running. When I "turn" by moving my mouse left/right - according to Synergy, - my mouse keeps "moving" (i cant see it, but i know the "feel" of my mouse and how far it travels to reach the edge of the screen.) When I go off-screen, one of two things happen. A) the suckiest of the two - I lose the mouse entirely, and it doesn't register on any screens (3 PCs) and can't "travel back" from them. If I CTRL+ALT+DEL to get the admin window, the mouse comes back, for as long as that window is up. Once I click on task manager, for example, it disappears and the task manager comes up. The solution, is that I have to "sign in as a different user" and re-login. Which is a pain in the butt, especially when live-streaming. B) the other - my mouse is in the other screen, moving around, clicking, etc, but my toon is spinning around in circles and possibly running still, or whatever keys/clicks i was doing at the time keeps ongoing. (typically holding W to run while "steering with the mouse) Either way, it's quite annoying. Mouse without borders also has this same issue. With Synergy, you can at least screen-lock with the Scroll-lock button. It would be awesome if you could look into possibly detecting that the mouse is locked and shouldn't "secretly move" in the background? I know it's a backburner thing, since there is a decent workaround, vs the clipboard crash or other bugs; but just a heads up that it's a thing I'm experiencing, that seems worth maybe a look into at some point. - Thanks!
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