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Constant intermittent functionality


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I have been a Synergy user for a couple of years - between an iMAC and a Windows machine . When I got Windows 10 it ceased function so I moved over to 'Sharemouse' - even though it was 'for pay' software absolutely every update had connectivity issues. I started a completely caustic rapport with their Service Desk in Germany. I'm back on Synergy....but it drops full functionality to the iMac after about 1 hour of use (I use the PC as a host) - the cursor is visible on the iMac but the buttons don't function. I have another mouse permanently connected to the iMac and open synergy sessions on both machine that I have to restart EVERY TIME I USE MY MACHINE. I'm just wondering what other users are experiencing - is it his buggy for everyone else? Any suggestions? Make the Mac the host perhaps? Mac El Capitain 10.11.4 PC: Windows 10 current
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