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Connection timed out - SOLVED

Mario Kneidinger

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Mario Kneidinger
Hi guys, just wanted to inform you that I have solved an error I had and wanted to share the solution with you. I had my PC as server and my laptop as client, but couldn't connect, because the connection always timed out. I then tried to use my laptop as a server and my PC as a client and this worked instantly. So I guessed that something is wrong with my firewall settings and I compared the settings of both machines. My guess was right, I had in the incoming rules three allowed ones on both machines, but two additional blocked ones on my PC. I deleted the two blocking rules and now everything works as it should. :) This happened although I clicked on "allow" when the firewall popup appeared during setup. I hope I could help someone with the same problem. PS: I uploaded a picture with the three allowed rules. Maybe it helps someone. [attachment=0]Unbenannt.jpg[/attachment]
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