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1.7.1 Stable on Rasberry Pi

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Chris Curran
Hi Im looking to use 1.7.1 stable version with my windows host and Raspberry Pi clients, the Debian 64x and 32x installers will not work, and the sudo apt-get install synergy is for 1.4.16 Is there any way I can install the 1.7.1 stable version on my Raspberry Pi's
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Danie van der Merwe
I have the same problem with version 1.7.3 now. I'm struggling to compile it from source as the online guides are mostly for v 1.4 and differ from 1.7.3 which has no tools subdirectory etc. Could we not either get binary downloads for original Pi and the Pi 2, or else more up to date guides to compile v1.7.3 for Pi's?
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