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Synergy Pro (1.7.1) sync screensaver stopped working

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Ken Jordan
Running on OSX 10.10. Prior to upgrading to the Pro (1.7.1) version, synchronizing screensavers on server (iMac)/client (MBP) worked fine. Since the upgrade, the sync capability has stopped working. I've also tried unchecking sync feature, applying, checking sync feature, applying without success. In all cases, the server and client are connected (but just no sync screensaver).
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I've been using Synergy for years between multiple Macs and Windows clients (server is a Mac) and have never got screensaver syncing to work. I've just accepted that this never worked. Are you telling me that for some people this ever worked?

My typical experience when controlling the screen on a Windows PC from my Mac, the screensaver/lock NEVER activates on Windows. It's just alway unlocked as long as Synergy is connected, even when the Mac screensaver activates and locks.

When controller other the screens of other Macs, the Macs running Synergy client behave as if there is no keyboard/mouse activity and lock. It's so annoying, the only way I can ever get this to work is to disable screensaver and screen locking on the client. 

This has been my consistent experience for the last 5 or 6 years running Synergy 1 on various Windows and macOS versions and laptops, including a 1 year old Windows Dell running Windows 10, and new MacBooks running Big Sur and Monterey. 

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