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BUG: --help options are incomplete

Jan Peterson

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Jan Peterson
On the Linux install, for example, "synergyc --help" does not mention anything about the following options: [list] [*] --get-active-desktop[/*:m] [*] --login-auth[/*:m] [*] --get-plugin-list[/*:m] [*] --get-plugin-dir[/*:m] [*] --get -profile-dir[/*:m] [*] --get-arch[/*:m] [*] --no-hooks[/*:m] [*] --ipc[/*:m] [*] --server[/*:m] [*] --client[/*:m] [*] --enable-crypto[/*:m] [*] --profile-dir[/*:m] [*] --plugin-dir[/*:m] [*] --address[/*:m] [*] --config[/*:m] [*] --camp[/*:m] [*] --no-camp[/*:m][/list:u] Where do we find documentation for these options? I can figure most of them out, sure, but what the heck is "--camp"?
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