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Synergy for unidirectional (data diode) networks

Bård Hansen

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Bård Hansen
Hi I would like it to be possible to use Synergy in an [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidirectional_network]Unidirectional network[/url] I think my illustration shows well what I intend: [attachment=0]Synergy Unidirectional network.png[/attachment] [quote]The physical nature of unidirectional networks only allows data to pass from one side (referred to as the "low" side) of a network connection to another (referred to as the "high" side), and not the other way around. The benefits for the users of the high side network are that their data is kept confidential while they have access to data from the low side.[/quote] In this case the desired data from the low side is the keyboard- and mouse-input. One could argue that such a feature would violate security as it is possible to enter protected (high) data on the secured (low) side. In many cases it is not the keystrokes and mouse movement that should be protected as they are simple means of maneuvering around in the protected data. It is also possible to reverse the scheme, just making sure the only data sent is keystrokes and mouse movement from high-side to low-side. Also I do not think it should be Synergys concern or task to make sure my suggested feature does not compromise data, except for the link encryption. If this feature is a real security threat the organization has other problems than Synergy. From Synergy, this feature require some master/slave and one-way behavior (if that is not already there) and serial communication. Inputs? Comments? ??
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