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(BUG?) OSX 10.11 auto-hide menu shows no synergy icon

Jethro Padullon

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Jethro Padullon
Hi everyone Just bought me self a copy of Synergy, and it's working great. Aside from one visual bug(?) that I have noticed on the OS X menu bar when it's set to auto-hide. There was a similar issue found with the ownCloud client, and that has been fixed since then. With ownCloud there was something about a Qt update if I remember the discussion. I've attached 2 screenshots, 1 of them is with the menu auto-hide off, and the other is turned on. As you can see the Synergy icon doesn't show. Anyone else experiencing this ? I'm using a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.11 as the server (or primary), and a client Windows 10 laptop. No issues found with the Windows laptop so far. ..Sorry I haven't really looked into this deeper if this was already a reported bug or anything, just started with Synergy.
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