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Win7(Server) to Win8(client) connectivity failed

Melissa Gear

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Hi all, I recently installed 1.7.5 for both my windows machines. Win7(x86 server) and Win8(x64 client). It worked great for about 4 days. Then my client needed a reboot and now I get connectivity failures ranging from "server: unable to read line 20 of config" to "client: config already contains our name" Troubleshooting I have attempted: I can reach the files in Appdata and am able to read the configs. I have tried 'repairing' both client and server, fresh installs, reboots, and manual configuration - but still the same errors. Another co-worker also uses the software and stated that he has his set with the lower OS as the server and higher OS as the client without issues. However if I switch mine to Win8(server) and Win7(client) I have connectivity. My questions: Is compatibility any issues when both machines are running the same build? I.e. Is it only backwards compatible? Could be my issue be with the x86 and x64 even if the proper software is installed on those machines? Could my config file, which is currently created by the wizard, be corrupted, and if so what kind of corruption should I be looking for?
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