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3 screens in L shape

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I have 3 screens in an L shape. Basically to the left of my master screen (M) is an elevated laptop (S1) and to the bottom of that is a tablet (S2) that comes and goes. [code] [S1][M] [S2] [/code] In order to go from M to S2, I have to enter S1 and move down. This is fine and fits logically. But S1 may not always be up with synergy connected (actually synergy from S1 seems to disconnect at random, but that's another issue). I'd like to edit my configuration to let me go from M to S2 by hitting the bottom-left corner of M. Sure, I could configure S2 directly underneath M or even on the opposite side. But it's much more intuitive to spin my trackball to the bottom left and end up on the tablet, or vice versa. I tried playing with corner sizes, but I think that only applies to "dead corners". Is there anything I can do in the configuration file to get a direct transistion from the bottom left of M to the top right of S2?
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