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Escape key press on mouse move outside of active window


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Just upgraded from 1.4.16 to 1.7.5 and boy am I regretting it :/ I know synergy isnt intended for games but I have been using 1.4.16 for over a year to play a couple of games on two systems and it works (not well, the usual "mouse being too responsive unless locked to a screen" but at least it worked). The issue is that on 1.7.5, when you press both mouse buttons and move the mouse (something you do a lot in certain games) if you go outside the current active window (and you cant see the mouse pointer so you cant avoid this) synergy decides to press the "escape key" for you... which brings up a menu you then have to close before being able to continue. Basically it makes the game unplayable. The only workaround I have found is to lock to the current computer - which fixes the problem but means you cant move the input to any other computers (kind of the whole point of synergy). Is there a way to get round this totally wierd behaviour? Or can I get synergy to auto lock to the current system when the right mouse is pressed (the latter would be totally awesome for games in general as it would fix the old problem as well as the new problem)? I also tried 1.7.4 but same problem, seems the more recent synergy versions just arent compatible with the type of games I play at all :/
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