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Windows 10 Cursor Delay


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I have Synergy set up on the following systems (arranged as shown below): Linux Mint 17.1 (Server v1.7.5) | Windows 10 (Client v1.7.5) | Windows 7 (Client v1.7.4) When entering the Windows 10 box, there is a delay before the cursor appears on the screen. The delay feels like roughly 2 seconds, but it's long enough to throw me off. There is no delay entering the Mint or Win 7 boxes. There is no delay exiting the Win 10 box as well. The delay seems to be limited to entering the Win 10 box. This seems to only happen when entering the Win 10 box at the desktop. If I have a window open and move the mouse so that the cursor is over the window, the cursor appears immediately. Hopefully this makes sense. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!!
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