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  3. NorthWestUser

    wayland support

    For those interested, I found this repo with a Synergy/Barrier client for Wayland https://github.com/r-c-f/waynergy It is only a client and based on the open source uSynergy from Symless, and it took me a bit of work to map the keys, but I got it working on my Wayland guests with Synergy server running on macOS.
  4. metamemelord

    wayland support

    Not working on Fedora 34 on Wayland. Is there an official word/timeline when Synergy will support Wayland?
  5. Last week
  6. I used to have screenSaverSync = true in my synergy.sgc file. I guess this feature was removed between versions 1.12 and 1.14. Now that I'm using 1.14, how can I make my server's screen saver cause the screen savers in my clients to activate? I'm using Windows 11 (server) and Windows Server 2019 (clients), if that matters.
  7. I have multiple monitors on my server. My monitor layout looks like this, where "A" is my server, and "B" and "C" are my clients: [B1] [C1] [A1] [A2] [A3] How can I configure Synergy so that my mouse can move upward from A2 into B1? Right now, I have to go all the way left to A1, then up into B1. I remember asking about this years ago, and was told the feature was coming. I'm running 1.14-2, and I still can't make it work.
  8. just want to get work done

    Synergy for Audio

    Is this something that is implemented in synergy 3?
  9. Stream deck and Synergy

    Stream deck and Synergy

    Hi, I saw some topics about the stream deck in combination with Synergy software but for me it is not clear yet if it works in combination with Synergy. My main PC is a iMac, 2 Windows PC are connected to 4 monitors (2 for each PC). So in total i have 5 screens (4 windows and 1 iMac). Now im looking to a Stream deck. I want to use it for starting programs on the different PCs and I want to program URLs. So when selecting 1 of the PCs I want to start a specific program on that PCs. Does Synergy support this? If not i do not want to buy the Stream Deck. Thanks for the help,
  10. Ninbura

    wayland support

    Yeah, that's where I came from, but it still sounded like they were trying to gauge how much they should prioritize that segment of the update. Just signed up for the beta, will check it out.
  11. TrentC

    wayland support

    He mentioned it on GitHub https://github.com/symless/synergy-core/issues/4090#issuecomment-532202244 However, that was two years ago. This seems to be progressing as fast as that Open Source Windows compatible alternative which was started back in ~2001. Can't recall the name, but when I last looked at it, was still in beta
  12. Ninbura

    wayland support

    I was just trying to add my voice to the crowd with my specific use case. On GitHub and other places, it sounded like they were gauging the community as to how much they need to prioritize adding support. I wasn't asking why it wasn't supported in v1, or if they were going to add support to v1.
  13. TrentC

    wayland support

    If you had read the comments, it is already stated support for Wayland will be in the next Major version. Which means it's not going to be in version 1. They also keep mentioning you need to sign up for testing on it
  14. Ninbura

    wayland support

    I'm on 1.x, is there a beta for 3 that has wayland support or something?
  15. TrentC

    wayland support

    Version 1.x or version 3?
  16. Ninbura

    wayland support

    Just went to put Synergy on my Raspberry Pi 4 running the latest version of ARM64 Ubuntu and can't because of a lack of wayland support, supper bummed.
  17. Tony Pitman

    New Mac (M1) ARM Chip Support

    I am running M1 version and it works great except for one issue. I have a macbook as the server and a windows laptop as the client. When I am doing keyboard input on the windows client and hold any key down to try to repeat that key, it types the key I am holding once and then moves the cursor to the macbook server. In other words I can't repeat any keys on the keyboard on the windows client. I can repeat just fine on the macbook server.
  18. Maybe my set up is unusual, I am on linux specifically Kubuntu on the client: With my windows synergy host below that. Almost, if not every time, I launch the computers when I move my mouse up to go onto the client, it jumps past the bottom of the two side monitors, to the height of the bottom of the middle monitor. If I move below that height it jumps back to the host machine, leaving basically the bottom of the side monitors inaccessible. I can eventually get it to work with some combination of restarting all the instances of synergy across both machines and sometimes additio
  19. Keno

    WARNING: error writing to client

    Hi there, Thanks for reaching out. Can you conduct a continuous ping test and check if you are having any high latency or packet loss or dropouts on your network? Best, Keno
  20. Same error RaspberryPi with the lastest for it and Fedora 1.14.2 any other fixes for this?
  21. TrentC

    wayland support

    I do recall the complaints of not getting donations for the work, so it went closed source and started selling it. Seem it was making better progress before they closed the source.
  22. infirstplace

    How to use Synergy between local LAN and VPN connected PCs

    Wow this tutorial was amazing. Thank you very much for taking the time to write it.
  23. ccoenen

    wayland support

    I'm not entirely sure why I need to post this, when it's clear that many major distributions have *already* switched to wayland as a default. But here we are: Synergy in its current form can no longer perform its basic function on wayland-based linux computers. This is one of the things I would expect of it. I switched to barrier a few years ago (which also does not work, currently) because I was not happy with the progress of synergy at the time. I would happily switch back to synergy. In case this matters at all, I'm a "Premium User" from ~2013 (and my use of synergy predates symless, m
  24. Earlier
  25. Nick Bolton

    Register for alpha testing

    Want to be a Synergy 3 alpha tester? Sign up: https://forms.gle/MyUeiLP3vPpdVuqs5
  26. Nick Bolton

    Synergy 3 alpha

    Me too! It's been a long four years, let me tell you. Development has been on and off due to several painful bumps in the road, but we got there and Synergy 3 Alpha 1 has finally launched! 🚀 Make sure you register as an alpha tester if you want to try it. Looking forward to your candid feedback 😃
  27. OK, I got it working... 1. Setup Secure Attention Sequence as per various articles online. 2. Run gpupdate to update my Domain Policy + Local Policy 3. CAD sequence now works I think it's because I'm on a corporate domain, even though I setup the local policy it needed to reconcile with the domain policy?
  28. TrentC

    wayland support

    On GitHub they announced in the next major version, Wayland support will be added. However, they started working on version 3 back in 2018. It's now in Alpha. I guess it should be in beta by 2026, and release candidate by 2030, and 3.0 by 2035.
  29. I know this issue has been on-going for years, it's one of the reasons why I stopped using Synergy, but I've come back... I've tried to setup a hotkey to simulate CTRL-ALT-DEL (hotkey CTRL-ALT-Page Up) and send that to the client, but when I press it, nothing happens. Is there anything else I need to do to get this to work? Or is it not supported? Thanks.
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