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  2. Luperrock

    Mouse Scroll works intermittantly

    I happen to have a MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse from Logitech, using the software, under "Point &Scroll" there's an option to have a "Smooth Scrolling", I just disabled it and got scrolling to work properly.
  3. Nevin Absher

    Client (Mac Mini) doesnt wake up

    So with debug2 enabled here's the logging I see every 10 or so seconds. [2022-09-28T09:43:59] DEBUG1: logging to file (/Users/nabsher/synergy.log) enabled [2022-09-28T09:43:59] DEBUG1: starting client [2022-09-28T09:43:59] DEBUG1: thread 0x00000002 entry [2022-09-28T09:43:59] DEBUG1: caught cancel on thread 0x00000002 [2022-09-28T09:43:59] FATAL: A display invalid exception error occurred: failed to initialize screen shape Repeats that until I manually wake up the client with the keyboard. All the while the device is accessible via network connections, so it's not fully asleep. Th
  4. Nevin Absher

    Client (Mac Mini) doesnt wake up

    I'm having a similar issue with my new Mac mini that I just setup. It's the M1 version from 2020 running 12.6. In my case I have a Logi keyboard that allows me to pair to multiple computers, so I have to switch it to the Mac mini to 'wake it up', then synergy will reconnect and allow access. When looking at the normal logs from the client I see the following. [2022-09-28T00:36:07] FATAL: A display invalid exception error occurred: failed to initialize screen shape [2022-09-28T00:36:17] ERROR: process exited with error code: 1 [2022-09-28T00:36:17] INFO: detected process not running, auto
  5. I was getting the error on startup: ERROR: could not get session id for process id [various diff pids] It would then fail to kickoff the server. After many different attempts at a solution, I ended up uninstalling and re-installing. That fixed it (and to my happy surprise, all my configs were still saved - yay Synergy!)
  6. Been having a lot of crashes lately, running server on arch linux, over to mac os and windows 10. Frequently typing on mac, it crashes then i notice i have to mouse back over to input where i was typing. Nothing significant in logs, just 'exception' then a restart. Is there a posibility on crash to record position, and restore cursor to that position on crash recovery/reconnect? Currently no options like that available.
  7. Last week
  8. Loving using it so far, works amazing. Mouse DPI settings even can change on the fly which is awesome. Would really love to see certain - eg. dragging a browser window over and having it open. Currently it just snaps back instantly to the main monitor; ideally it would close/minimize the browser and execute a new one on the other PC with a hyperlink to the same tab and (maybe, if possible?) include cookies. Small files like tiny images would be great if that worked too with just a drag and drop
  9. gillemp

    Keyboard layout switches between machines

    I think I am experiencing some issues with this as well. I am using Spanish layout, but it defaulted to English for the client. Doing a restart of the server (whole machine) seemed to fix it.
  10. Johnk

    How to shutdown Synergy?

    Any update on this topic? I am using Mac laptop and I also want the feature to quickly toggle On and Off the Synergy 2. I use Synergy to connect with my desktop computer when I am on a desk but I also take a laptop separately when I move around the office. And when I do I often lose the cursor b/c it is still connect to other computer wirelessly.
  11. Earlier
  12. TheSandlapper

    Full screen gaming and Synergy

    Praise be. This man is better than all of us. Thank you sir.
  13. So I've read a few posts on this forum with similar topics to mine but haven't come across an answer so any help would be appreciated. I have two windows computers, one is a personal desktop and the other is my work laptop. I'm trying to connect my work laptop to my server (desktop). This normally works fine, but when I turn on my AnyConnect VPN for accessing company resources I no longer can connect over LAN to my desktop. I've thought this through and my best option would be to connect over WAN. I did not set up any fancy DNS or anything like that I've just port forwarded the synergy port 24
  14. Seeing this on Synergy 1.14.5 with an up-to-date windows system on Sept 21st as well. This causes the dvorak keyboard to revert to qwerty when switching into a Mac and back. Mac is also running the same (most recent) version and OS. Warning only shows on Windows. This makes using Synergy unbearable in my experience.
  15. Hi. My Ubuntu server sends the Windows key to the Windows client for most combinations. The server will correctly lock with Win+L. However, moving the mouse to the client and pressing Win+L does nothing. I can hardly find any mention of this problem here or with Google, and it's not in the Help section of the website. I see people requesting related things like the ability to lock both at once (single keypress) or general key mapping/macro requests. If I make Windows the server and Linux the client then lock screen not only works, but locks both simultaneously - this is great! However, th
  16. Curious if anyone else experiences this? If I'm moving my mouse off of my Win10 PC screen with iTunes as the foreground window the mouse will hang at the edge of the screen. Most notable at normal/high rate of speed; when moving the mouse slowly there is still a hesitation before it exits the screen but it doesn't hang. I notice it takes longer for the iTunes window to transition from foreground to its background than other windows which is what I am guessing is causing the mouse to hang up? The Win box is the server w/ a macOS client if that helps
  17. No solution for this? I'm having this issue between Windows and Ubuntu. Both on 1.14.5 stable.
  18. This is pure Windows issue, as I have this problem on a Windows 11 client with Windows 10 LTSC Server. I believe I had the same problem when using MouseWithoutBorders from Microsoft.
  19. Krystian

    New Feature Request

    I use default key binding ScrollLock to lock my mouse to current computer and when I'm on my gaming one it locks perfectly.
  20. trsummers

    Teams disconnects with Synergy running

    Interesting. Yeah I get the spinning beachball at times as well, but I just wait it out. My issue is easily reproducible as when I quit the Synergy process, my call no longer drops.
  21. jguillen

    Teams disconnects with Synergy running

    I experience this problem too, never thought of Synergy being the problem. For me it happens randomly, I had a meeting where Teams disconnected at least 5 times in 10 minutes. However, I am also experiencing extreme lag spikes which makes my Mac almost unusable at times, as I have no precision whatsoever.
  22. Hi, When I open the window to insert an emoji (shortcut: Win key + . ), I cannot type on the search box. Works if I type using the laptop keyboard. I'm using MacOS 11.6.8 (Big Sur) as host and Windows 11 as client. Thanks!
  23. ccoenen

    wayland support

    I am afraid you may be mistaken, the issue regarding wayland is still open in barrier: https://github.com/debauchee/barrier/issues/109 including its most active fork input-leap: https://github.com/input-leap/input-leap/issues/109 (they cloned the issues, too, while forking). There is, however, https://github.com/r-c-f/waynergy which can do a client under wayland (but comes with caveats, too).
  24. Asymptotic

    wayland support

    There is an open source product called "Barrier" that works just as well as synergy, and supports Wayland. I've switched to that. It's in Ubuntu's package manager as well.
  25. jwilkes

    wayland support

    The github issue has been locked, pointing to this thread. So, this thread it is, Symless. What is your roadmap, your milestones for Wayland support?
  26. Alexboss

    wayland support

    Tried to reach the support, and it doesn't work (many JS errors after submitting the issue). Post it here, just in case.
  27. Alexboss

    wayland support

    It's just unbelievable this is still not implemented after a decade. Wayland is now the default on Ubuntu 22.x Please add support for Wayland, you can't force user to use xorg to have synergy working. Also, since the synergy people say it's not priority because people report on github rather than their support system, then let's request this to their support system to make things move.
  28. AceD

    wayland support

    +1 x11 and xorg is old news, Please increase priority on this. I love the product and i paid for the liscense to support the product, i wish my monney be used to get it working on wayland. thanks
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